Mandy and Tui’s home is an older character property on a lifestyle block in Kaukapakapa. They were looking at doing a renovation of the kitchen/dining area which was looking very tired and dated. They had already gone ahead and ordered a sizeable wooden portable chopping unit to be built so this needed to be incorporated in the new kitchen design.

They had some ideas of what they wanted overall, however they were unsure how to incorporate them into a refined design, and be able to gain the maximum amount of storage that they required plus get the look they wanted out of a their compact space.

Together we had a good discussion on site, so I had a full understanding on what they wanted to achieve. I was able to incorporate all of their desired features into the design.

For example they already had a barn door to the bathroom next to the kitchen so I was able to incorporate the look into the kitchen storage area as a feature. Mandy also wanted to be able to display items and loved the idea of some sort of divider to the dining area hence the ladder idea evolved. Mandy loves colour and wanted these features to ‘pop’ so hence the vibrant gloss colour choice.

The overall look really suits the property and the clients’ personality and really takes it out of the norm. Mandy and Tui are both really happy with it. I would like to add that they were an absolute joy to work with, which always makes for a lovely experience for all.

Pamela Marriott – Creative Kitchens